Hey y’all!

Know your passion. Follow It. Dream It. Live It.

So…this journey of creating my very own travel blog site wasn’t easy decision for me. So many people would tell me I should create a travel blog to document my trips and help them with their own trip planning and helpful tips. I kept dragging my feet and saying no because I truly felt like everyone has a blog or has their own travel Instragram pages or whatnot. But then one day I told myself…why not showcase MY travel journey? Everyone travels different and you just truly never know who you may touch, help, or inspire. Also, I’m pretty lazy when I get back from trips and never truly document my trips for memories besides what’s in my head. I’ll share some pictures on my social media and then my pictures just build up in my photo album on my phone

I sit back and watch so many of my friends go after their passions and when people ask me what I’m passionate about, my three major things are: traveling, sneakers, and animals. It’s time for me to go after my passion too! So here it is! “Kicking It Around the World” is my journey on all sorts of adventures around the world, which will also document my huge love for sneakers that will be captured along on my trips. My blog are views from my own personal experience.